Ella Collier Releases Wicked New Single “I THINK I MIGHT”

Ella Collier Releases Wicked New Single “I THINK I MIGHT”

Ella Collier

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, pop artist, and powerhouse vocalist Ella Collier recently released the final single, “I THINK I MIGHT,” a call-out song, emphasizing the desire to take control, get a bit of revenge, and perhaps burn it all to the ground.

Talking about the song, Collier shares, “Have you ever been called crazy by a lover, or lack thereof? Well, I’m about to show you just how crazy I can get.”

“I THINK I MIGHT” is from Collier’s forthcoming EP, SECOND ARROW, slated to drop October 13. To celebrate the release, Collier will be headlining the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles on October 12.

Originally from Atlanta, Collier writes, records, and performs her captivating music, merging elements of pop, trap, EDM, and hyperpop into potent works of art.

Collier began singing at the age of seven, followed by musical theatre. Seeing Taylor Swift on Ellen inspired Collier to start writing her own songs, beginning with a song called “For You.” At first, she performed in her basement and then branched out to perform at venues like the Bluebird Café and Nashville’s Listening Room.

Since then, Collier has gone from “just a girl with an acoustic guitar and an open mic” to inclusion on myriads of Spotify playlists, more than one hundred thousand streams, and stylish music videos.

“I THINK I MIGHT” rolls out on low, warped tones flowing into a mid-tempo powerful rhythm topped by dark, shuddering surfaces, giving the tune wicked, calculating flavors as Collier’s voice, dripping with hints of Siren-like sass, mischief, and defiance, narrates her probable radical reactions to betrayal.

“I think I might / Just out of spite / Throw a little party just for you … / What a surprise! / And I’ll invite / Call up all your exes / Rendezvous.”

At once visceral and deliciously naughty, “I THINK I MIGHT” conveys raw passions, revealed through the exquisite timbres of the voice of Ella Collier.

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